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Crating & Packing

We want your artwork to travel safely!

Our specialists use their knowledge and industry best practices to make crates and soft-packing solutions that meet clients' storage and transportation requirements. All our crates are custom built, and every soft-packing strategy is built around our clients' artwork needs. Our shop is equipped with the materials needed to ensure your artwork will be packed and crated with care and precision. We offer packing and crating services in the state of Arizona.

By request, our crates are in compliance within guidelines of ISPM-15 / International shipping regulations

Multi-Use Gallery Crate

A basic, closed crate that ensures the safe travel of your artwork; recommended for common carrier freighting and fine art shuttle transport.

Museum Crate

By request, our crates meet and are built for museum quality standards in accordance with ISPM-15 regulations. Archival options and other customizations are available by request.

Specialty Travel Frames & Slat Crates

Our simpler crating options that provides a framework for your artwork; recommended when using fine art shuttle transport

Custom Softpacking

Custom Strongboxes, Boxing, and

Traveling Cardboard Slipcases. We offer

archival material options. Softpacking is available locally.

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